High quality
English translation
included by native bilingual staff English version website pack
From180,000yen ~ (tax in) The domain server will be prepared by us

Japanese / English switching type
Website creation / Production service

The website pack is a service that native speakers carefully translate and create and produce Japanese and English sites at low cost for companies that are thinking of expanding their business overseas.

of English Website pack

Flow of Production

  1. Inquiries by email or phone
  2. Sign on the hearing sheet
  3. Submit the information and payment
  4. Produce the Japanese website, check and acknowledgment
  5. Make English site
  6. Delivery


English version website pack
The domain server will be prepared by us

180,000yen~(tax in)

Maintenance cost 5,500yen~ (tax in) / per month


We will firmly support those who are thinking of targeting overseas, inbound!